The owners and guides of the Weird Chicago Tours bring more than 50 years of combined experience with tours in Chicago, Illinois and across America! As authors on subjects of the unusual, Chicago historians and just all around strange people, your guides will offer you a weird experience that you won't get anywhere else! The owners of the Weird Chicago Tours (Troy Taylor & Ken Berg,) along with some of our staff, are actual ghost hunters with years of experience with hauntings and the paranormal. Actively researching the strange and the unusual, both of the owners / guides are authors and historians with plenty of time spent gaining hands-on experience with the supernatural. Whether you are staying in the finest Chicago hotels or you're a local windy city native, you won't find a more qualified ghost tour in Chicago -- or a more authentic one! We don't just tell you about ghosts, we take you to Chicago's most famous haunted sites and allow you to experience them!  Make your Reservations Today!

(Left) Troy Taylor
(Right) Ken Melvoin-Berg
Troy Taylor is a co-owner and creator of the Weird Chicago Tours and the author of Weird Illinois, Haunted Chicago, Haunted Illinois, Bloody Chicago, the Chicago Murder & Mayhem Series  and more 80 other books about hauntings and the unexplained in Illinois and America. Along with writing about the weird and unusual, Taylor is also a public speaker on the subject and has spoken to literally hundreds of private and public groups. He has appeared in newspaper and magazine articles and has also been interviewed hundreds of times for radio and television broadcasts about the supernatural. He has also appeared in a number of documentary films, several television series and in one feature horror film called "The St. Francisville Experiment". Critics called him the "best actor in the film", which wasn't saying much since he was playing himself.

When not pounding away on a typewriter and chasing ghosts, Taylor is also the owner of the American Hauntings Tour Co., which operates ghost tours (and the Weird Chicago Tour) all over the state. He began his career with ghost tours in high school, where he was well known for his interest in "things that go bump in the night", by taking his friends on informal tours of haunted places all over Illinois. Troy went into the ghost tour business in 1994 and in 2006, started the Weird Chicago Tour with Ken.

Troy currently resides in Chicago.  Send Email to Troy    


Ken Melvoin-Berg is a co-owner of the Weird Chicago Tours and a Chicago-area psychic detective, author, lecturer and ghost hunter who is frequently consulted by the media on numerous TV shows, radio, newspapers and podcasts for advice on all things paranormal. He has been used as a Psychic Detective by law enforcement agencies around the globe with murder suspect identification cases in which he has assisted with 29 convictions, including 2 serial killers.


Ken is a medium that regularly performs séances including his famous Houdini séance he attempts every October 31st. Ken is the official psychic of the American Ghost Society and the Illinois Director of State Operations for Everyday Paranormal for the Discovery channel show Ghost Lab. Although Ken's background had taken him across the globe as a World traveler, medic in the Air Force and a Biologist, his true love is ghost investigations and telling the stories about them on his tours. As a professional Psychic, Ken has a private practice in Chicago which he guides both celebrity clients and folks from all walks of life, either helping them in person over the phone using tarot, palmistry and astrology. Ken has developed a love for gaming, all things steampunk, pirates and zombies.


 Ken currently lives in Chicago with a black cat born on Halloween named Lilith and a dog rescued on Xmas day named Lolita. Send Email to Ken



Greg, like Al Capone, is an east coast transplant. Unlike Al, he is horrible with a baseball bat. Trained in improv comedy with The Second City conservancy, Greg puts the equation tragedy + time = comedy to test with every tour. Greg is one of our experts on the Roaring 20s, drinking, and Chicago hauntings.
Sunny Megatron is a 17 year ad industry veteran with a passion for all things weird. Growing up the granddaughter of an acclaimed author and historian, half of her formative years were spent attending lectures, hanging out at the Chicago Historical Society and toddling past old gangster haunts still in diapers. The rest of the time she spent with her mother who was the famed “Balloon Lady” of Lincoln Park during the 1980s. Sunny's unique childhood experiences left her with a penchant for the odd, humorous and bizarre.

Sunny is also a nationally acclaimed sexuality educator. She teaches adult sex ed classes with her partner, Ken, as well as maintains a popular sex blog at In addition to historical and haunted tours, Sunny also hosts Weird Chicago ’s Red Light District Tours and was recently featured on Travel Channel’s Extreme Tours!  

Eric comes from a long lineage of Schattenjägers, "shadow hunters". He is a longtime haunted house enthusiast who has traveled all around the country setting up, acting in, and going through haunted houses from Detroit to Kansas City to Atlanta. His favorite time of year is autumn and his favorite holiday is Halloween. He is an avid watcher of horror/science fiction movies. Eric also enjoys reading all kinds of paranormal/ghost-related material. His additional interests include history, mythology, folklore, science fiction, abandoned carnivals, vaudevillian performances, fantastical creatures, steampunk, abandoned buildings and places, exploration, all things weird and supernatural, haunted locations, creative expression, writing, art, and Lovecraftian lore. He has a deep passion for all things strange and macabre, and that is sure to spill over into the tours. He lives in Chicago. He has a girlfriend, Brandy, and a bunny named Daisy.
And he finds comfort in monsters.

A Chicago native via New Orleans, Rae didn't truly fall in
love with the city until digging into its history with Ken and Sunny. Now she finds herself most comfortable among the
city's most infamous and insatiable for down and dirty
history, haunting, and hysteria. Rae leads customized tours
and bachelorette parties, specializing in weird and haunted, ghosts, zombie pubcrawls, serial killers, shoes, and whores. Whether your preferred tour is mom-safe or super-sexy,
Rae will reveal Chicago's secrets through titillation
and education. Questions? Send E-mail to Rae

Jennifer has had a longtime love affair with Chicago and her checkered past, growing up on stories of gangsters, ghosts, politics, and its proud residents. She has been a paranormal investigator for over ten years and has worked with a variety of investigative teams of tracking down evidence of things that go bump in the night. She loves guiding people through the footsteps of the past, keeping memories alive by passing them on and hoping to give others a glimpse of what came before. She is a poular YouTube Vlogger, known as A Vintage Vanity, sharing her love of the vintage styles of the 40s and 50s through beauty tips, hair tutorials, lifestyle vlogs, and DIY projects. You can follow her adventures here.

LAYLA KELLY - Office Staff

Tiela is a suburban transplant. Growing up, she developed an intense love for Chicago. She moved to the city while attending Columbia College and earned her bachelor's degree in photography. She is an active member of the haunted house industry, working as an actor and company photographer for Zombie Army Productions and Statesville Haunted Prison. She is an avid horror fan (zombies most of all) with a special place in her heart for the darker parts of history. Serial killers, murders, true crime and mysteries of the macabre are just the tip of the iceberg. If she could love anywhere in the world, it'd be right here in Chicago - which she considers the greatest city in the world. Check out her photography here.


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