$35 Each (Adults)
$25 Each for Children 8-12
$45 Each (Red Light District Tour)
Clark and Ohio Streets Downtown. During construction on Clark Street, buses will be located on Ohio, just south of the McDonalds at 600 North Clark Street.

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Join Weird Chicago Tours for the Ghosts, Gangsters, Mystery and Mayhem that make the Windy City so unusual! See our public schedule by clicking the BOOK NOW button and see why we’re the “best tour in the city!”

We take you to both famous and little-known spots and behind the scenes of the greatest events in Chicago’s rich and wonderfully weird history. From haunted places to gangster hangouts, mob shoot-outs, vanished history and crime scenes, we take you were no one else can. This isn’t just another ordinary tour — it’s an urban adventure that makes the past truly come alive!

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Private Tours are available all year around! Want a personal experience with the Windy City’s Best Tour? We offer a wide range of options for customized, private tours of Weird Chicago!
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Chicago’s BEST ghost tour!

Chicago’s Best Ghost Tour! Not another boring tour with made-up legends and shoddy research, but a mixture of ghosts, gangsters, true stories, and everything else that makes our tour so great and has earned us so many fantastic reviews! Join us and experience Chicago’s many ghosts, haunted history, and all around strangeness! We don’t just drive past Chicago’s spooky places, we let you experience them first-hand! Often imitated, but never equaled, it’s a tour of the Windy City that you won’t soon forget!

* 3 Hours of Weird Chicago History & Hauntings at the City’s Spookiest Locations!
* Chicago’s Most Haunted Places & Authentic History
* On and Off the Bus throughout the evening
* Indoor and Outdoor locations – dress for the weather
* All Ages Welcome
* Based on More 20 Years of Research and Writing

Originally Created by Weird Chicago in 2006!

A Weird Chicago Original!

Created by Weird Chicago in 2006 (and often imitated), this is the original tour that delves into the history, mystery, murder and mayhem of the American serial killer, H.H. Holmes and the World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago in 1893. During the World’s Fair, Holmes operated the infamous “Murder Castle” and this was the first tour to take you on a journey back in time to not only the places where Holmes sought out and dispatched his victims, but also to take a look at the remnants of the spectacular fair and to get an inside look at Chicago in 1893 and what the world saw when it came to the Windy City! Even though other tours have followed in the wake of our creation, there is no other tour in Chicago like this one. Experience it with the company that started it all!

Chicago’s Most Authentic “Public Enemies” Tour!

Join us for a “Bloody Chicago” ghosts and crime tour as we explore gangland sites, death scenes and the city’s grisliest and most famous crime spots. We’ll revisit not only the Capone and gangster sites of yesterday but horrific tales of blood and horror from Chicago’s haunted past from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to famous gangster hangouts, death sites, murder scenes and much more! No cheesy costumes and phony theatrics — just the most authentic gangster tour in the city!

Chicago’s Dark History in the city’s most Macabre Tour!

Join Weird Chicago for a walk on the dark side of the city during this grisly and chilling tour that explores the vintage and modern murders that have shaped Chicago history. This is not an ordinary crime tour but a look at the most depraved murders in the city’s history — and some of the darkest crimes ever committed. Take a trip back in time and revisit some of the bloodiest crimes of Chicago’s past, from the Lip-Stick Killer to the hunting grounds of John Wayne Gacy. Includes death sites, crime scenes and haunts of some of Chicago’s most depraved killers.

Discover the Prohibition Era that Made Chicago Wild!

The booze, jazz and gangsters that made 1920s Chicago roar! An adults-only (Gotta be 21 to drink in the pubs) tour of Chicago’s most famous crime and gangster hangouts, the history of booze and Prohibition in the city and the famous Red Light Districts that made the Windy City notorious all over the world! Experience the sleazy and sinister side of Chicago first-hand as we prowl the dark streets in search of the remnants of the Roaring ’20s with bar stops, crime scenes, and more!

Our Adults Only Tour of the Wild Side of the Windy City!

 Created by Sunny Megantron and Ken Melvoin-Berg (from Showtime’s “Sex with Sunny Megatron)! Join us for a night on the wild side of Chicago with this Vintage AND Modern tour of “Sex in the Windy City,” including some of the sexiest spots in Chicago on an exploration of the kinky, freaky and little-known locations of the famous local sex industry. This is a wild and entertaining tour of the naughty side of Chicago that just might make you blush! Featured on the Travel Channel! Great for couples and anyone with an open mind, but Adults ONLY!


For starters, we can promise you that we’re not like any other tour in the Windy City — we’re the tour that other companies come to when they’re looking for ideas. Why don’t we offer an itinerary of our stops? Because we always want to want to keep you guessing! Plus, we change the tour so often that it’s hardly ever the same things twice. Our tour was created to showcase the unusual aspects of Chicago’s history, from gangsters to crime scenes, ghosts, and anything that makes the city unique! There’s no question about it — we’ve been voted the “best tour in Chicago” for a reason!
See the Schedule and Join us Soon!

Weird Chicago Tours General Information
  • See the public tours schedule by clicking the Book Now button or arrange a private tour for your group! Call us questions at 217-791-7859! All Reservations made online!
  • The Weird Chicago Tours run about 3 hours in length. We travel all over the city during the tours and we do get on and off the bus throughout the evening, offering a mix of gangsters, ghosts, crime and the unusual all year around! We use air-conditioned and heated luxury coaches, so you’ll tour Weird Chicago in comfort, no matter what the time of year! We do not offer an itinerary or list of stops for the tour. It can sometimes change and sadly, other companies copy our tours so we’d rather keep that info to ourselves and share it with our guests during the tour!
  • Children over the age of 10 are welcome on the tours, but it’s not recommended for kids under the age of 10. Sorry, no babies or infants in strollers. No one under the age of 21 is allowed on our Weird Pub Crawls or the Roaring ’20s Tour! Adults over 18 only on the Red Light District Tour
  • We do not allow alcohol to be brought aboard the bus for public tours (excludes private tours) but do encourage guests to purchase drinks at the pubs where we stop on the tour! Any intoxicated guest who interferes with other guests, or the operation of the tour, will be barred from the tour. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Private Tours Are Available for Groups up to 55 (or much smaller too) people and we can customize your tour to fit the needs of your party or you can choose from one of the tours that we offer! These Weird Tours are great for bachelorette parties, groups and corporate events! Click Here for More Information about our Private Tours!
  • All Reservations for public tours are sold on a first come/ first served basis and we do not offer refunds for unused reservations. Credit toward future tours may be offered if we receive a minimum of 48 hours advance notice! There is no guarantee on this, so please try and keep the dates for which reservations are made, if possible! We are only able to reschedule you once per reservation.
Want to Know the Stories that Inspired the Weird Chicago Tours?

Weird Chicago | Blood, Guns & Valentines | Murder by Gaslight | By Troy Taylor

Weird Chicago Books from American Hauntings Ink and author Troy Taylor!

Resurrection Mary
Troy Taylor’s Article on Chicago’s Most Elusive Ghost — including History, Sightings & Who Mary Might Actually Be!

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
4-Part Series on Gangland Murders and the Lingering Spirits — and Possible Curse — of this Bloody Event!

The Iroquois Theater Fire
The Chicago Night When the Show Did Not Go On! The True Story of One of the City’s Most Haunted Places!

Farewell to the Grimes Sisters
The Tragic End of Innocence in Chicago. Relive the Horrific Disappearance, Gruesome Murders & Ghosts Left in the Wake!

Chicago’s Thrill Killers
The “Perfect Crime” of the Infamous Leopold & Loeb!

The Haunting of Al Capone
The Bloody Life of Chicago’s Greatest Gangster and the Ghost that Hounded him to his Grave!

The Car Barn Bandits
History & Hauntings of Chicago’s Last Outlaws!

Chicago’s Haunted Police Stations
A Gathering of Ghosts from the early 1900s!

Chicago’s First “One-Way Ride”
The Lost Story of Billy Bate

The World Came to Chicago
The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893

The Our Lady Of Angels Fire
Chicago’s Lost Innocence in 1958

The Green Mill
History of Chicago’s Greatest Nightclub and “Machine Gun Jack” McGurn

The Eastland Disaster
One of Chicago’s Greatest Disasters and the ghosts left behind!

Fort Dearborn Massacre
How the City of Chicago was born in blood!

The Sausage Vat Murder
The Tragic Tale of Louisa Luetgert

Screaming Lizzie, Chicago Avenue Mary & Other Roadside Ghosts
Chicago’s “other” vanishing hitchhikers